Monday, September 12, 2011

Sep 13

Nutrition...Let's start simple.

Do Eat:
Lean meats (Chicken breast, fish) 
Vegetables (Green is good!) 
Fruit (Apples, Pineapple)
Nuts (Almonds, walnuts)

Don't Eat:
Starchy Carbs (Pasta, bread)
Grains (Wheat, rye)
Sugars (Soda, Diet Soda, Kit-Kat)

Hydrate, eat right, sleep/rest and workout 4-6 times a week. 

Healthy living=better living!

Today's Workout:

For Time
77 Double Unders
66 Sit Ups
55 Hand Release Push Ups
44 KB Swings
33 Toes To Bar
22 Box Jumps
11 Burpees


  1. I got it -10. DU's = 2 hour class. And one Face to grass.

  2. the sub for 77 double unders will be 257 singles.

  3. Is there a time limit for this workout?