Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 11

Box Jump 
Power Snatch (75#/55#)
Chest to Bar Pull up


  1. 11:58

    I didn't do C2B Pull Ups for two reasons:
    1) Lofland advised against it since I am just starting back
    2) I tried C2B anyways but the pull up station isn't bolted into anything so it almost tipped over on me.

    ALSO I found bumper plates at my gym! (hidden behind a Cybex fly machine)* So I used them and someone instantly complained about the noise. (There were a total of 4 dudes in the gym INCLUDING me and one guy that worked there.) Grow a pair it is a gym.

    - Hooker


  2. Oh Hooker...
    1). I did C2B pull ups.
    2). I did the men's weight.
    3). My core is shot from heavy deads/ghd's/muscle ups.
    4). AND I still beat you.

    9:09, slacker!

  3. Hey Candice here's an idea:
    shut up.

    - Hooker

  4. I think everybody beat me. Crappy job on my part. 14:11. 55#, regular pull ups, step ups on box! Even tore my hand on the last pull up! wah, wah! :(